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Locker Signup will begin on July 16, 2021.

Actual locker numbers will be assigned after locker sign-up ends. You will get your assigned locker number and locker combination at Picture-Schedule-Locker Day.

EVERYONE will get his/her own locker!

Why sign-up? Every hallway of lockers have a specific grade assigned. Within that hallway of lockers, lockers are assigned by the order that people sign-up for them. Meaning that in the 10th Grade hallway, lockers are assigned to 10th graders in the order that they signed-up for them. So if you want to be near your friends, we recommend that you sign-up together at the same time to help increase your chances of being near each other.

What if I don't sign-up? You will be assigned a locker with your grade classmates probably at the end of the those who did sign-up.

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